China Glaze Unpredictable

Hnsdlkfnsdlkfj this polish. Unpredictable is from China Glaze’s autumn 2012 New Bohemian collection, and I actually wondered if I should by a backup of this. I haven’t felt that urge in a LONG TIME, and I obviously immediately extinguished it because I need two of one polish like I need shot in the foot, but, that is how much I love this.

Unpredictable picks up where OPI’s Just Spotted the Lizard leaves off on the spectrum. Head-on, it’s a warm toned green. Like a chartreuse with a lot of gold in it. But at angles, you get two other colors. The picture below captures them. The thumb shows the head-on warm toned green, my ring finger shows the cool toned sea foam that suddenly, unexpectedly shows up after the warm toned color (oh my gosh is that why it’s Unpredictable? For me, that’s what it is–I rarely expect a shift from a warm toned to a cool toned version of one color), and my index and middle show it at the furthest angle, when it becomes electric blue. This thing almost goes full-on $OPI Mermaid to Order.

This is in the happy category of mermaid polishes. You know what I’m talking about. They don’t have to have mermaid in the name (though they often do, and Nicole by OPI has a dupe for this called Mer-Maid for Each Other), but they give you happy mermaid feelings. To quote Beyonce, I am crazy in love.


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