OPI Diva of Geneva

I’m having a run of bad pictures, I feel. Probably I should just stop waiting until I’ve got tipwear and the surface shine is worn off before I get around to taking photos. In my never-ending defense, I was waiting for some sunlight for this one, and it finally came, but not till day three of wear.

I’ve wanted OPI Diva of Geneva since it came out in the fall of 2010, in OPI’s wonderful Swiss collection. I was constantly on the lookout for something else like it, but really, I think this color is fairly unique–I haven’t been able to find a dupe. Thankfully, it’s part of OPI’s permanent line, so I picked it up at Ulta.

You can get away with one coat of Diva of Geneva, though two will probably last a bit longer. In the photo above, I’m wearing one coat on every finger except my ring, where I’m wearing two. A good thing about my picture is that you can see the gold shimmer in the bottle. It’s not that apparent in real life–that is some flash magic going on–but it IS in there, and it does add some warm dimension to the polish.

I also think this polish is great for the holidays (Happy Thanksgiving, tomorrow)–it kind of screams CHRISTMAS!!!–it looks a bit like a color you’d see on an ornament, I think. It’s a totally rockin’ gem tone. I have a serious, serious thing for the gem tones, and this hits the sweet spot. Do you guys know of any polishes that are similar to this? It seems like a color that SHOULD be easy to find, but nothing is coming to mind for me. It’s like, it’s got too much fuchsia to be just a red-toned purple, but too much purple to just be a fuchsia.


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