Wet n Wild Black Creme

Despite having almost 100 polishes, I didn’t have a black cream to my name. Back when I got Butter London’s The Black Knight, I realized I at least needed one for layering. I didn’t know where to turn, so I did a quick look at ALU’s Fanatic Favorites of 2011, a lovely and interesting resource. Wet n Wild was the number two choice for black cremes, and it was easy for me to pick up at the grocery store, so I went with it. And I decided I should probably break my black cream cherry and wear it on its own.


Sorry about the chips. I am like, physically incapable of taking these photos in a timely manner. I just…life, ya know?

I thought that, being the palest of pale, black would look super goth chic and awesome on me. Instead, weirdly, I just found it to be…just another polish. It moved my soul neither way. It simply was. Sometimes, that’s even more sad than hating something. I NEED MY POLISH TO MAKE ME FEEL THE COLORS OF THE WIND.


I’m wondering if I feel this way because of the formula. I purposely bought Wet n Wild Black Creme because I wanted something to use for layering–therefore, I wanted something with a thin consistency that was a one-coater (I hate doing a base coat, two coats of a base color, and then two coats of a final color, it always makes me feel like my nails are going to fall off). This fulfills that wonderfully. However, I think that for wearing black on its own, I’d like something that looks a little more juicy on the nail. Gosh, are there any black jellies out there!? ARE THERE? ARE THERE??? That’s what I want.

But for quick, simple, black base polish needs, Black Creme fits the bill.


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