Orly Glowstick

og1Orly Glowstick, from their summer 2012 Feel the Vibe collection, is one of those fantabulous “why do I even bother to take a picture of it” neons. It’s blazin’, flamin’ yellow, kind of like a highlighter, but maybe even brighter. I think it’s pretty close to the light that comes on when you hit Caps Lock.

This is my second dance with neon pigment, my first being with Zoya Charisma. And I have to say, I found the formula of Glowstick to be…worse. This was a mix of three and–gasp–four coats. It was just so streaky on me–but a lot of reviews I read of the polish said that the formula wasn’t that bad. Maybe I got a bum bottle? Maybe leaving my polishes near the heating vent is altering their consistency? I don’t know. But it was sort of a bitch to apply. Like…it kind of reminded me of Essie Marshmallow–but its saving grace was that it dries quickly. Four coats is a lot more doable when the polish actually dries. And for this fabulous color, it was worth it to me.


ntz ntz ntz ntz

This was actually the polish I rang in the new year with. Some comments were directed to me about it being more of a summer color, but I would like to also argue its case for winter. Doesn’t a lot of winter sports apparel come in highlighter colors? So you don’t die alone in a snow drift or something? Anyway, I like the way the burn-your-retinas neon complimented the burn-your-retinas blinding snow.

Despite the streaky formula, I totally love this polish. It’s completely rad and also I call it Glowstick of Destiny (you’re welcome), and it makes me think of summer and dance parties and good music and Iron Man and Loki and being a fun person and it’s just a good time in a bottle.


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