Revlon Royal

Christ, could my picture of this polish possibly look any worse? (Probably.) I wore Revlon Royal during the infinite clouds and rain of Hurricane Sandy. It was seriously rainy and overcast for a solid calendar week, so natural light photos of this polish were not going to happen. I edited the blue tones in this photo just slightly, to get a more accurate representation of the color–but um, excuse the purple tinge in the bottle, that was a side effect.

Royal is a royal blue jelly–there isn’t much else like it out there, and certainly not at the drugstore (you go, Relvon!). I used two coats, and it looks a bit transparent in the photo because of the flash, but in person it was fine (then again, I never actually saw this in sunlight, so who knows!). The formula wasn’t too difficult to maneuver.

Not much else to say about this, other than, it’s a BLUE JELLY and you can get it at the drugstore so if you’re into either of those things, you should hit this up!


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