Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream


Mermaid polishes are a really important subset of the polish world. Sometimes, you just need to have mermaid finger tips. Deborah Lippmann’s Mermaid’s Dream is a lovely one of these polishes. It’s a sea-foam metallic base with large blue glitter and smaller gold glitter. It has a gritty texture, but I didn’t apply a top coat because I liked it–it kind of reminded me of sand, which just enhanced the beachy mermaid vibe further.


It looks like it might be hard to build opacity but it isn’t at all. At two coats I was completely good. The formula is super fantastic, and easy to work with and apply. I was impressed.


As with a lot of summery polishes, I feel like a certain group of them also work well in winter, and this is another one of those for me (like Orly Glowstick). It would work well on a beach, but the sea-foam metallic also gives it an icy vibe that goes nicely with snow.

I ordered from Lippmann’s website, since I don’t like to go places in winter. My order came with a sample of her remover mitt, The Stripper, which I also quite liked–though I’m not sure it was different enough from my Zoya Remove Plus to make me purchase a full size (especially since it’s more expensive), I really liked the mitt pouch–it would be great for travel.


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