Zoya Suri


In my attempts to track down all the gem tones, I picked up Zoya Suri, from their autumn 2012 Diva collection. I was shooting for a cooler toned purple–this ended up having a sort of mid-to-cool toned base, but there’s a scattering of blue AND red shimmer particles in it. I left my picture at full resolution, so you can click on it and see them. Though they can’t be seen unless you’ve got your nails to your eyeballs, they work to give the polish a slightly cooler or slightly warmer cast, depending on the lighting and which particles reflect.

This is not the polish I’ll be ringing in the new year with (and by that I mean wearing while I lay in bed in my pajamas and watching the ball drop, then rolling over and going to sleep), cause I’m a couple polishes ahead of this blog. But Suri is a lovely purple, and I’m glad I picked it up.


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