OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest

This week’s polish is a complex shimmer, and we’re gonna get technical with it, accordingly.

I left this sucker full-sized! Go on, click on it!

OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest (I wish!), from their Fall/Winter 2012 Germany collection, is quite lovely. In the bottle, it looks like a deep red shimmer, and is virtually identical to another polish from the Germany collection, German-icure by OPI (I believe that some bottles were even labeled inversely).

Once you paint it on the nail, you see what its composition really is. It’s a lovely, beautiful plum base with an ass-ton of red shimmer (and some gold for good measure). There is SO MUCH shimmer, compared to the base color, that in the bottle, that’s all you can really see.

With one coat, you can make out the base color. But once you put a second coat down, the shimmer completely takes over, as it does in the bottle. My left hand is photographed in the bottle shot, and it’s two coats (except for my pinkie, because it’s small so I tend to neglect it, coat-wise–and you can kind of tell). But for my right hand, I did a mix, and it’s a lot more noticeable.

Intentionally blurry pictures have their place, yes they do.

Overall, you get a different vibe. I think that in the end, it’s just a personal color preference, but I really prefer one coat. I think it has more depth, because the shimmer contrasts with the base (and I just really like that shade of purple). HOWEVER, one coat is slightly anemic. The base is just so damn sparse, that it doesn’t coat the nail well. You can see in the first picture that the color near the edges of my ring and pinkie is uneven. I mean, it’s passable…you CAN get away with one coat, and if you’re careful (or maybe even if you layer it over another purple) you’d probably be even better off. But I dunno, it just sort of bothered me that there could have been a bit more of the base color in the formula.

Both are obviously beautiful in their own right, but I guess I just prefer the oomph of contrast in one coat. Which do you prefer? One or two coats?

Also, side note: do any pale people/savvy camera people have tips for photographing dark polishes on pale hands? I have so much trouble because the polish is dark, so I NEED light to hit it. However, that light also hits my skin, which reflects almost all of it, so it washes out my pictures pretty badly. I up the light, and it’s blinding–I lower the light, and you can’t see the polish! It’s a total accident that these turned out at all.


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