Zoya Charisma

wow this picture sucks, sorry

Whilst viewing the London Olympics as much as humanly possible, I became enamored with the endless shades of purple that were all over everything. I decided that I needed these colors in nail polish form, so that I could carry a reminder of those glorious games into the future with me, because my brain is completely whack.

I used some Zoya points and went for two shades, the first of which is Charisma. Which looks NOTHING like it does on the website, or in most photos of the polish. It’s a neon, and something about neon pigment doesn’t photograph accurately. Because of this, I have to admit that I barely tried–which is why the bottle shot picture is pretty jank. However, I unexpectedly got decently accurate pictures of me wearing the polish. I think neons photograph best when they’re not the focal point of a photograph. These are cropped and small, but they’re fairly color accurate. Excuse the insane hand positions–I was having a grand old time at a wedding.

I used a top coat (yeah, I own one) to make it glossy. You can almost get away with one coat, but I had some thin patches, so it’s best at two.

I was a neon virgin before this polish, and I have to say, I get it now. It’s a lot of fun to wear colors that practically punch you in the eyeballs!


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