OPI Just Spotted the Lizard

Alright, this polish is awesome. Just Spotted the Lizard is from OPI’s summer Spider-Man collection, in conjunction with the movie. Spider-Man wasn’t technically my first Marvel movie nail polish choice…I’d have shit if it was Avengers (THEY COULD HAVE ALL HAD A SHADE AND IT COULD HAVE BEEN SO AMAZING AND THIS ONE COULD HAVE BEEN THE LOKI ONE BUT I DIGRESS). When you first put it on and stare at it from straight ahead, it sort of looks like just another gold (like in the pictures above and below). Disappointment will almost ensue.


But as soon as you start going about your life, the green magic happens.


Being a proper duochrome, you get the best green views when your hand is at an angle. The metallic finish of the polish gives it a chrome look that makes me feel sort of like a badass robot or something. All week it was just flashes of metallic cool green. It was a good week, lemme tell ya.

I ordered this off of Amazon, because every stupid store I went to was sold out. This is a Chanel Peridot dupe–and almost every brand has come out with one in their fall collections, so it’s an easy shade to pick up now. If you’re a total green whore like me, I highly recommend!


4 thoughts on “OPI Just Spotted the Lizard

  1. I’ve wanted this color for I don’t know how long, but it’s always sold out or I cant afford to spend money on a nail polish at the time. It’s so wonderful.

    I have a newly started beatyblog and I really like your blog, so I was wondering if you could look into it and say what you think. I don’t have that many posts yet but it would mean really much to mee to get some feedback.

    • I couldn’t find it in stores either, so I ordered it off Amazon!
      So far so good with the blog! Your pictures are good, and you’re tagging, which is so helpful–they’re one of the main things I use when I visit blogs, and once you get a lot of posts, they’re so helpful (I say this having not tagged my last few posts haha but my co-blogger is supposed to do that; sadly she is busy gallivanting about her life and hasn’t kept up with it–but it’s super important and always something I like to see). And I love your blog title too!

      • Thank you for the feedback. I like the title to, but i prefer the one on my swedish blog though, it’s MakeUpMyThoughts. I want this one to be relatable, hence, HarMyThoughts.

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