Sephora by OPI Caught With My Khakis Down

Rah rah rah okay, let’s get the formalities out of the way here. This is Sephora By OPI Caught With My Khakis Down, the second mini I have from their Safari Luxe collection last summer. It’s a very nice khaki green, a color that seems to be perpetually “in” during late summer and autumn. It’s lovely and all; I guess I am just sort of bored with this color family. Perhaps it’s reached its saturation point for me (ba dum tss). Or maybe I’ve fully integrated the khaki green color into my aura, so it’s not a particular energy vibration that I’m currently drawn to. Don’t laugh. I read a book about that once, it was really interesting. Anyway sorry it looks beat to shit here. I don’t think it was the polish’s fault, I think I just lead an abusive nail lifestyle.

On to something that does not bore me: two things, actually!

1. A new Ulta has opened up within ten miles of me! This is going to make obtaining polish (and beauty products in general) much easier on me. I can get Essie’s core line just fine nearby, but the seasonal collections can be spotty. I also have decent access to China Glaze, but it’s through Sally’s, and I think we can all agree that sometimes Sally’s lets us down. OPI is a hit-or-miss gray market business for me–that, or a 40 minute drive. But now I can directly access my drug in a mere 20 minutes! Of course, I’m sure it’ll be ransacked quick enough. I got one good shop in for the grand opening, though, and luxuriated in the fresh, full stock. I picked up a few polishes from China Glaze and OPI fall collections, which will appear on this blog in time.

2. I ORDERED A NAIL POLISH RACK!!! I think that’s when you really enter a new tier of having a problem–when you buy something to display/store your stash, because your current system isn’t cutting it anymore. Currently I just put them all in a plastic storage drawer, but that’s getting kind of full. I thought about getting a helmer, but I don’t think I have the floor space, and I don’t want to hide the pretty bottles. Because honestly, sometimes I sit down, open the drawer, and literally stare at the polishes. They’re pretty, and I want to display them. If everything goes to plan, perhaps I’ll post a picture when it’s up.


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