Butter London The Black Knight

I wanted Butter London’s The Black Knight polish for a long time (I also mistakenly referred to it as The Dark Knight for a long time, too). It’s from their 2011 holiday collection, and I waited quite a while to get it because I was unsure if it would live up to the awesome things everybody said about it (not to mention that I’m broke like 90% of the time). Like the movie of a similar title, it did not disappoint (me, anyway–and yes, I did wear this in honor of the release of the movie!).

When I initially got The Black Knight, I was in full glitter-squee mode over the bottle. But then I swatched it on my nail wheel, and my heart sank a bit. The awesome just didn’t transfer. But I knew that the real test comes from nail wear, and I was not let down. (Why is that? Why do some polishes–particularly glitters–look lackluster when swatched?) I tried different coats (three was best), and even layering it–it’s interesting over black, but in the end I liked it on its own. It’s mainly pink, blue, and silver glitter in a charcoal black base.

Your nails will just flash pink or blue at you–as you can see in the picture below. It’s pretty fab.

There is a fourth predominant color that I haven’t seen anybody talk about with this polish. Though it’s actually comprised of many different colors–you can see that below–most of them don’t come through on the nail–I think they function primarily to add depth to the polish. But after the pink, blue, and silver, there is a noticeable RED. I caught it flashing on my nails many times, and it turned out to be one of my favorite things about the polish. Pink and blue can kind of be treacly after a while, but the red adds an undertone of badass to it. I feel like Selina Kyle totally would have worn The Black Knight.

Though I had a lot of trepidation with this polish, convinced it could never live up to what others said about it, I am 100% ecstatic with my purchase. I’d say that The Black Knight probably has a place in my top 10 polishes of all time.


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