Sinful Colors Zeus

In a way I feel as though I sort of failed this polish, because I took the pictures indoors on a cloudy day. I was able to capture the shimmer, though, so you get the gist. Zeus is the final polish that I purchased from the Sinful Colors spring 2012 Castaway collection. It is the second polish I have that is named Zeus. When you have two different polishes named after the same Greek deity, you probably have a nail polish addiction. Indoors, Zeus is your basic periwinkle, and I admit I got a bit bored, because I’ve already got one of those. But in sunlight, this polish shines (literally and figuratively, HA). The fuchsia shimmer promised in the bottle actually delivers on the nail (*glares at Zoya Gemma*).

And that is all I have to say about that polish, because it is very hot out so I cannot use all the parts of my brain, and also, I’ve got some Olympics to watch! It didn’t occur to me until this very moment that it would have been fun to do an Olympic-themed manicure! ALTHOUGH, AS THE OLYMPIC GAMES WERE ORIGINALLY HELD IN HONOR OF ZEUS, I THINK I JUST KINDA ROCKED THAT! Yay for unintended nail polish synchronicity!!!

Has anyone done any fun Olympic- themed manicures?


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