Sephora by OPI Yes, Your Lioness

Yeesh, tiny bottles are awkward to hold. Yes, Your Lioness is from $OPI’s Safari Luxe collection last summer. And my camera was not friends with this polish.

Usually I have success altering the colors on my computer, but I still couldn’t get it right with this one. Though my images don’t show it, this definitely doesn’t dry to bottle color. In the bottle it looks like a sort of subdued pumpkin. On the nail, though, it has a sort of watery-bright look about it. Not neon, but still slightly searing. It’s also got subtle shimmer, and I was at least able to get a picture of that.

It’s a little bit sheer…two coats was alright, but three probably would have been better.

This is another polish I feel merely meh about, though I guess that’s a personal thing. I just have other oranges that I love a lot more. I think, also, that I hate minis. The idea is great, but the execution is frustrating.

The Safari Luxe collection was pretty nice…and China Glaze has just come out with their own safari collection for autumn 2012. It looks like a good collection (though I don’t think I’ll be purchasing anything from it, because nothing wowed me)–but it weirds me out that it’s safari and autumn. Does that bug anybody else? Am I the only one with seasonal association issues?


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