Essie Sure Shot

This is Sure Shot, from Essie’s Spring 2012 Resort collection. I’m not a massive pink nail polish fan…it’s a color that doesn’t do much for me, polish-wise. Why the hell did I buy this? Because I have an addiction, obviously. But I think I was hoping for something a little bit deeper, a little more towards gem tone territory (I want OPI Diva of Geneva *sobs*). But meh, whatever, it’s a nice polish. Very similar to Zoya Lillith, which I already own, whoops. I must be drawn to flashes of fuchsia. The amazing thing about Sure Shot is that this photo is after, like, four days of wear–and they were an intense few days that involved a weekend trip, packing/unpacking/knocking luggage around/swimming/applying profuse amounts of sunblock/etc. And it has like, MINOR tip wear. So kudos to this polish for wearing well.

If you like pinks, you’d probably enjoy this polish. But you’ve also probably got one just like it.

Does anyone else have a particular color of nail polish that just consistently underwhelms them?


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