Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pumpkin Spice

Last autumn, Sally Hansen released a limited edition polish in their Xtreme Wear line called Pumpkin Spice. I needed to have it immediately, for two reasons: one, it was autumnal themed and had pumpkin in the name, and I make it my personal mission to experience everything with pumpkin in the name. Secondly, it reminded me a bit of China Glaze’s Fortune Teller, a polish that was sadly before my polish-obsessing times, but for which my heart yearns.

I got the polish last fall, swatched it, was very sad about how sheer it was, could not stomach being disappointed by something pumpkin related (I’m still shocked at how appalling a pumpkin smoothie was that I had like five years ago), and there it sat in my untried pile as the seasons changed. But the weather started getting really hot, so naturally I thought it would be a good time to wear a vampy fall polish. The orange glitter called to me, and I went for it.

I had a HELL of a time painting this manicure, but Pumpkin Spice is not to blame. I used another Sally Hansen, Forbidden Fudge, as the brown base coat. It was really gloopy, and was melting off my nail–but I don’t think it was the polish’s fault, so much as the 90 degree heat. But just in case you were wondering, that is why this manicure looks a bit gnarly (check out my index and ring fingers). Do you guys find that your polish gets more viscous with higher temperatures?

Pumpkin Spice IS sheer–no use in wearing it alone. But it looks great over brown. I used two coats, and was able to wrangle a decent spread of glitter by sort of laying the brush onto my nail, rather than dragging the end of the brush along it. Despite the heat-induced melting, I was really in love with how it turned out. It was dark, witchy, sparkly, and mysterious looking.

But don’t be sad if you missed it last year–every year or so, an orange Halloween glitter will come around. (If China Glaze knew what was good for them, they’d put Fortune Teller in their permanent collection, or at least re-release it!)


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