Sinful Colors Neptune

For this week’s nails, I decided to finally wear Sinful Colors Neptune, another polish from their spring Cast Away collection. Why? Because I am cosmically tuned into the universe–Neptune (as in, the planet) is stationing retrograde Monday evening. I guess I was just feelin’ the Neptune vibes. And I’m certainly feelin’ this polish.

Like its collection partner Athens, Neptune applied perfectly (though it took two coats to make opaque, rather than one). It’s a gorgeous deep cornflower blue with silver shimmer. SILVER. I feel there aren’t enough silver shimmer-infused polishes out there, but maybe that’s just me. I love this, because it makes it look even more like the planet (Scooter ‘n such…I just…really love planets, okay?).

I dunno if the shimmer is glass fleck or what, but it’s dazzling in the sun. I think silver shimmer is super cool because it will reflect whatever color light is hitting it.

I decided to play around with Neptune and top it with three different polishes.

Sinful Colors Neptune topped with Zoya Twila (pinkie), Sally Hansen DVD (ring), and Essie Pure Pearlfection (middle)

Zoya Twila is a lot of fun, and amps up the blue reflectivity. Sally Hansen DVD (one of my favorite polishes EVER) also does this, in a more foil-esque manner (as well as giving it a purple duochrome), and Essie Pure Pearlfection just dollops on a ton more silver shimmer. It’s pretty much identical to the shimmer in Neptune, so it blends flawlessly.

I have no idea if Cast Away is still floating around at Walgreens–but it’s worth checking, because this is the second of three polishes I’ve used from the collection, and they both get an A+ in my book.


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