Sinful Colors Athens

Back in the ye old days of March, I showed my polish purchases from Sinful Colors’ spring Cast Away collection. Today, I present to you Athens, in all of its magnificent teal glory.

If I was a nail polish, and I could date other nail polishes, I would totally hit this one. Athens is seriously perfection. The formula was flawless–one coat would have sufficed, but I did two for good measure. It flows beautifully onto the nail, and dries pretty shiny (I almost never use a top coat because I am a lazy piece; sometimes I rue it, and this is not one of those times).

I had to adjust the bejesus out of these pictures in my paint program to get them to look right, because I think cameras dislike the teal range. I think Athens tends to photograph bluer than it really is. But, depending on the lightning and the colors around it, it will flip between blue-leaning and green-leaning teal. It’s a BRIGHT, but it’s one of those muted brights, that doesn’t sear your eyeballs out–it must have a touch of gray in it. Because it is complex and beautiful. Like I said, I’d hit it. I JUST LOVE THIS POLISH, OKAY? (FYI, when it’s having its greener moments, it’s almost a dead-ringer for the current background color of this blog, which is #2a6952.)

This is my favorite spot, lighting-wise, to photograph my polish. Also I enjoy the flora.

I think it’s pretty obvious how hard I recommend this baby.


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