Butter London Wallis

Ew, omg. I beg of you, do not be fooled by this shite bottle shot. It was really hard to take a picture of this while holding the bottle, it’s too wide. I assure you, this is a special polish. Read on.

The anglophile in me lusts after Butter London pretty hard. I like my polishes like I like my men–British themed. Their website says that Wallis is “a tarnished, metallic olive gold lacquer, as mysterious and regal as its namesake.” I wish I could tell you what Wallis means, but I am waiting until I meet a hot British man, so that he can tell me about it in his gorgeous voice.

Wallis is one of those shimmer formulas where all the shimmer particles are sort of suspended in their own layer. The formula is easy to work with, you just have to glop on enough to get the shimmer to be opaque. I only did two coats, but next time I’ll definitely go for three. In dull light, it gets a sort of matte shimmer look to it.

But BEHOLD, when light hits it, this baby shines.

Sometimes it leans gold, and sometimes it leans green. It’s a really classy polish. It’s one of those ones that makes you feel really fancy, because it walks that fantastic line of fun and unique, yet sophisticated. Like you’re going to some fancy party with your posh adult friends, when really you’re just going to Target. And do not doubt that this polish will get you COMPLIMENTS. Months ago, the girl selling me my ticket at the movie theater had it on. I was entranced, and figured it was Wallis, but I need to know. “I like your polish!” “Thanks, it’s by this brand called Bu-” “Wallis?” I think I scared her a little bit.

I got my own stranger-compliment on it, too, from the girl checking me out at Bed Bath & Beyond. Even my mom complimented me on it, and she’s never excited about my polish.

I found a really good dupe in my dresser drawer handles.

ALSO, I recently wore Wallis in honor of a very hot British man. It was part of my Loki manicure, which I wore when I saw The Avengers. Wallis is a really good color for Loki’s armor. I complimented it with Illamasqua Rampage, which is a Loki green if I’ve ever seen one. Check out my pictures here.

In summary, if you like England and shiny things, you will probably enjoy this polish.


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