Essie Lollipop

Ah, red.  With every new collection that rolls in, I turn a blind eye to any bottle that’s red.  How boring.  And yet, there’s nothing quite like wearing one.  They’re like the oxygen of the nail polish world.  Yeah, they’re everywhere, but damn, they’re pretty great when you really think about it.

This saucy little minx is Lollipop, from Essie’s core line.  Essie seems to come in two main formulas — ahhmaaazzinngg, and throw-it-against-the-wall-in-a-rage-fit.  This is thankfully a part of the former.  One coat would have been enough, but for some reason, the first coat dried matte.  Why does that happen?  What is that?  Does anyone know?  Does it actually serve some logical purpose, other than to piss me off?

Lollipop is a tricksy polish – it’s not blue based, really…but it’s not really super orange based. People say it’s warm toned, and maybe my eyes process color differently, but I see it more as a true red that just BARELY leans warm SOMETIMES.  Overall I’d call it BRIGHT, TRUE red.  I actually had to alter the colors because it refused to photograph the way it appears.  It shows up a lot more warm toned in pictures–here is an unaltered, and thus not color-accurate, version of the above photo.

Wicked, tricksy, false!

It’s also not what I’d call a jelly…it’s more one of those cream/jelly hybrids.  Since I was trying to acquire a warm toned red jelly, Lollipop missed the mark a bit for me personally.  However, it’s a super fab polish, if the color is what you’re shooting for.


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