I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved across my nails…what did they look like? Rainbows? Hits Poseidon?

As promised, here is the final in my series of Pisces-themed polishes. (It’s now spring, so the sun is in Aries, but it aint no thang, cause I painted this on Saturday.) This ocean God is a lovely linear holographic polish. I live in the climatological equivalent of London (sans all the hot, classy British guys), but I picked a great sunny week to wear Poseidon. It’s by Hits, and part of their No Olimpo collection. Or is the brand called Speciallità? I don’t even know–it’s from Brazil, but you can order from the great Llarowe website (I’ve ordered twice so far; fantastic shipping).

Poseidon is a lurvely light blue holo, in the same vein as Nfu Oh 65. I do have an Nfu Oh holo, 61, and it’s quite a different beast from Poseidon. In an effort to be concise, I present to you a bullet point comparison.

My Nfu Oh is:

  • not holo in the bottle–the pigment becomes holographic after it dries on the nail
  • a bitch to apply–it goes on like weird liquified metal that balds easily
  • insanely holo on the nail
  • $12.50 for 17 ml–$0.74 per ml

Poseidon is:

  • holo in the bottle
  • SUPER easy to apply. It just applies like a regular old polish. In fact, it kind of goes on like, dare I say, a jelly? The first coat is sheer, and by three you’re good.
  • IT REEKS MAN. Like car paint. Seriously. This is the kind of polish you want to apply outdoors.
  • very holo, but possibly one notch less than Nfu Oh
  • $10.00 for 6 ml–$1.67 per ml, so more expensive

Here’s a comparison shot of one coat versus two.

The difference between one and two coats is quite drastic…the difference between two and three is a bit more subtle, and doesn’t quite come across on camera, but I do prefer three.

Soak up the holo-y goodness! My phone picks up the holo better, because it doesn’t focus quite so hard on the individual particles.

I once had a fish called Poseidon.

In a death befitting a God, he was eaten. By my cat.

Anyway, when it comes to Nfu Oh versus Hits, I’ll say it’s a toss-up. Hits is easier to apply, AND to obtain. But you get less polish, and it’s a bit less holo. With Nfu Oh, you’ve got to be on a bloody waiting list like it’s a freaking organ. But it’s just a weeee bit more linear, and you get more bang for your buck, which you may want if you’re a holo-hoarder.

If you’ve yet to obtain a linear holographic polish, get yo self one. It’s the digital frontier. It will make you feel futuristic. I like to pretend I’m a resident of the Grid while I wear this one.


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