Dior Waterlily

Continuing my way through Pisces-themed polishes, I move on from the sign’s color to its flower, which is the water lily. I’ve always had a thing for water lilies, so for my birthday, I got myself a little present: my first bottle of Dior polish.

Waterlily is part of the spring 2012 Garden Party collection, and it’s a unique little green creature (for I do not drop Jacksons on just any color). I consider it to be a warm-toned green, but just barely. (Sometimes it tries to photograph a bit cooler toned, but the above picture captures what it really looks like.)

The formula was…decent. Two coats were opaque, and if you like paddle brushes, you’ll like this. But the formula itself is a bit strange. Every few nails or so, I’d get some bubbles. Here you can see what happened to my thumb.

This was a pretty WTF moment, considering how much the polish cost. I’m willing to get over the bubbling, because of the beautiful glow-from-within that this polish has. Sadly, it was near impossible to capture on camera, but here are some shots of me trying.

You can sort of see it in the bottle there. In the image it looks like it reflects silver, but it’s really a sort of other-green color–but overall on the nails, they do kind of have a slight silver reflectivity to them, which I really like, as a cool-toned chick (and possibly why it tends to photograph slightly more blue-toned).

SEE IT? SEE IT? It’s hard to describe, and hard to capture on camera, but that quality is what makes this polish unique, and worth it in my opinion. It’s a pearly, cool-green/silver ember glow. Yeah! That’s it!

I realized Waterlily is quite similar to my favorite eyeshadow soul mate, the discontinued Urban Decay Vert. They have the same inner light, which you sadly can’t really see here, either, but hey I tried. Not like it matters–is there anybody else out there that even owns this combination of products? (I wish more people knew about Vert!)

Overall, I’d recommend Waterlily if you’ve got a thing for greens–it’s a unique hue, with a beautiful glow. Just watch the bubbles.


2 thoughts on “Dior Waterlily

    • Capricorn’s flower is the Pansy! (Side note: its tree is the Yew tree, and Voldemort was a Capricorn and his wand was made of Yew, WHOA! JK ROWLING APPRECIATION MOMENT!) And your color is dark green! (Though I have often seen different colors assigned to the signs, depending on the source material, but this is all according to my spinner wheels.)

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