OPI Mermaid’s Tears

Saturday night/early Sunday morning, the sun moved into Pisces. To honor this (and because this polish has been in my untried pile since like, autumn), I decided to paint my nails in OPI Mermaid’s Tears.

As you can see on my super sweet zodiac spinner wheel thing, sea green is the color for Pisces (and don’t even get me started about feet).

Mermaid’s Tears is from OPI’s stellar 2011 Pirates of the Caribbean collection (which recently won second runner up for 2011 favorite polish collection over on All Lacquered Up). (I am also in a really big Enya – Caribbean Blue mood today, but I digress.) Not only is the sun now in Pisces, but my Pisces-self is having her birthday this week (so is Annie, blog runner/neglecter extraordinaire), so this is my chosen birthday polish (if you really love polish, you know that the polish you choose to wear on your birthday is kind of a big deal) (sidebar, sorry about my parenthesis abuse, whoa). It is green and mermaidy and lovely. This seems to be one of those magic polishes that will look good on most skin tones. I LOVE it on my pale hands, but I think I’d look great with a tan, too.
The formula was decent–two coats for opacity, and a wee bit streaky, but it saves itself for the most part by self-leveling at the last moment. But who even cares, because THE COLOR!!! Sadly, this puppy is gone (though perhaps you can find it floating around randomly somewhere). I regretted passing this polish over during the summer, but I found it in a scary little drugstore in autumn and snapped that shit up. Because if you are meant to have something, sometimes, it will find you; and this polish and I were meant to be. It came to me, my own, my love…my…preciousssss.

Before the sun exits Pisces, I hope to get around to showing you two more Pisces-themed polishes: Hits Poseidon, and Dior Waterlily (expect a return of the zodiac spinner wheel for that one, folks!). It’s gonna be a shiny, holoy, flower-scented, green and blue kinda month! With a golden metallic interlude for the Oscars, of course…


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