China Glaze Tinsel Town

As January ended and February began, amidst the dead of winter, I wore the last of my holiday polishes. This little mo fo is China Glaze Tinsel Town, and she’s a stunner. There were a whole lotta glitter polishes this past holiday, but this one is special.

From the 2011 Let It Snow collection, Tinsel Town consists of a smokey grey base with a TON of silver micro glitter, and then a few larger pieces of hexagonal silver glitter, as you can see below.

This combination gives it loads of depth and sparkle. When the light hits this polish, it’s seriously almost blinding. It’s so packed with glitter, that one coat is actually almost sufficient (if you want a sort of transparent look) and two is perfect. Super easy to control and apply.

Another rad thing about Tinsel Town is that it gets a sort of charcoal gray gradient look about it. You can see it happening in pretty much every picture I took, but here’s another for good measure.

That picture also hints at the blinding sparkle this gives off. This is one of those polishes that makes you feel special (don’t lie, you know what I’m talking about). I felt like a movie star. I am not one. I partially blame the name “Tinsel Town” for that, though.

For kicks, I layered Essie Shine of the Times as an accent finger. I just sorta wondered what a flakie would look like over a glitter. The answer is surprisingly AWESOME. Depending on the angle, my ring finger would have a copper or green glint. I highly recommend giving this a whirl if you have these polishes.

Sadly, this was the best I could capture it–but trust, it’s awesome in person. There were moments during my hand-waving conversations that I would stop, mid-sentence, and stare at my ring finger.

Even removal wasn’t THAT bad, all glitter considered (though I think that may just be the magic of Zoya Remove Plus).

Can we just…just look…LOOK AT IT…

If you did not snatch this up during the holidays, I am sorry for your loss. (Though you can probably find it scattered somewhere around Ulta, and I know it’s still available on Head2ToeBeauty.) We likes it, precious. Can I start doing a Gollum rating at the end of my polish reviews?


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