OPI Steady As She Rose

Yikes; last week’s polish was lookin a bit rough when I got around to taking pictures, but such are the consequences of being unmotivated. This is Steady As She Rose (har har, OPI), from their 2011 spring/summer Pirates of the Caribbean collection. That was a really solid group of polishes. I remember when the promo images came out, and I dismissed the whole thing. And now I own half of it. I have a fairly strong distaste for pastels (though as my nail polish addiction strengthens, I become more and more accepting of them), but they have a unique murky quality that I really dig. Steady As She Rose was one that I’d regretted passing over, but I lucked into receiving it as a Christmas gift.

The formula is decentish. I used pretty thick coats, but maybe would have been better off using thinner ones–and probably a top coat, as well, since this vibes a bit putty-ish on its own. All things considered, it was easy enough to work with, level off, and get opaque. Tip wear will happen, though, as you can see. And if you’re unable to swatch other polishes without making a mess, you might end with up a bit of that on your nails, as well (the drop of red on my index finger is Essie Lollipop).

I added a second, blurrier picture that shows the color a bit better. It’s rose, but it must have a drop or two of purple in it, as well. Overall, I’d recommend it–it’s a nice, opaque light pink with a dash of sophistication (if you can still find it in stores. I don’t think it was incorporated into their core line).


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