China Glaze Glittering Garland & Snow Globe

I’m a total whore for green, so this was a must-buy from China Glaze’s 2011 holiday collection. This is a lovely, warm sort of Chris Fine Pine green, with gold and lighter green glass fleck shimmers in it. It has a really lush, stained glass look to it. The formula is pretty decent; the base is a wee bit sheer (you can see I didn’t really put enough polish near my cuticles), but if you don’t do a half-ass job like I did, it can easily be made opaque with two to three coats.

If the lighting is really really dark, it’ll almost go black, but not really too much. The glass fleck particles keep it from going full on.

For Christmas kicks, I topped it with two other China Glaze polishes, one of which was a repromote that is also in the holiday collection: Snow Globe. The other is Fairy Dust, which is part of their permanent line.

China Glaze Fairy Dust (middle), China Glaze Snow Globe (ring)

I think that both glitters are great (though Fairy Dust takes eons to dry); it’s a matter of personal taste whether you prefer one over the other, and I have to say that I like Fairy Dust a lot better (in spite of its seriously God-awful dry time). The glitter is smaller, and more rainbow. All that was happening from Snow Globe, at least over Glittering Garland, was orange, aqua, and purple, which I wasn’t really digging.

I much prefer Fairy Dust. It looks like Christmas lights! Snow Globe was also a bit harder to remove, since the glitter particles are larger.


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