China Glaze Twinkle Lights

Annie’s recent post on her China Glaze Seasonal Sparkles holiday nail set was missing the color Twinkle Lights because, basically, I stole it from her. Good thing I did, cause I majorly dig it.

This first picture though, would imply that it sucks.

Twinkle Lights is gold, red, and green glitter in a clear base. Two coats gives the above level of opacity–three coats will bring you to just about fully opaque. But two is actually fine, because your eyes don’t view the polish like a camera does. The camera focuses on all the glitter particles so it looks like a grainy mess. In reality, it looks more like this.

It gives an almost foil appearance. Mainly a gold foil, but when your hand moves, the red and green particles twinkle (it is an aptly named polish).

This is the most accurate shot I could get of it, which is quite sad, but it will have to do. Twinkle Lights looks its best when it’s actually moving in the light. It really is a gorgeous, classy-but-still-fun Christmas color (it’s looking especially classy next to the sleeve of my sweatshirt).

It’s a proper, grainy glitter, so removal is kind of a piece–but it was definitely worth it!


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