November 2011 Birchbox

It’s December.  I know.  I still wanted to get this up, for continuity’s sake!

I am really enjoying being a Birchbox subscriber.  It’s just lovely to get such a nice little batch of gifts every 4 weeks.

This month I got:

November 2011 Birchbox contents

I’m excited to try the toothpaste, although I haven’t yet because turning 30 has made my tooth enamel disintegrate, and I use Pronamel from Sensodyne, and I’m terrified to stop using it, even for a few weeks or so.

As for the coasters, it’s a tad strange, but I guess they’re introducing you to the company that makes them, and who couldn’t use more coasters?

Really excited for the mask, perfume, and nail polish.  Will post when I get around to using any of these. 🙂

November 2011 Birchbox

Zoya nail polish in Noel


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