China Glaze Let It Snow (2011 Holiday Collection)

China Glaze has pretty much become my favorite brand of nail polish.  Great quality, seriously unique and gorgeous selection of colors, and KICK-ASS COLLECTIONS.  Case in point:  the current OPI Muppets-themed collection is nothing special, in my opinion.  And the Muppets are AWESOME, and soooo colorful – the creative opportunity to knock it out of the park was ripe.  And they wasted it.  Boo on them.  Cause China Glaze is coming out with a Hunger Games-inspired collection that is GORGEOUSSSSS.

But on to their holiday collection.

Poinsettia, Tinsel Town, Holly-Day

I have the Seasonal Sparkles gift-set with Tinsel Town instead of Twinkles Lights.

These three colors are seriously unbelievably stunning.

Poinsettia is a deep, creamy red. It’s truly the “perfect” red.

China Glaze Poinsettia

Holly-Day is one of, if not THE, most beautiful, solid greens I’ve ever laid my eyes upon.

And Tinsel Town is terribly unique – silver glitter that is different sizes, and this can be bright silver, or deep charcoal, depending on how the light catches it.  The pic I have shown is two coats, and it I apologize for it not looking completely opaque – I was hustlin’ to apply this, and if I’d have taken more care, I think that two coats would be mostly opaque.

These three shades are magnificent, and manage to add something special to my ginormous nail polish collection – not an easy task.

Holly-Day, Tinsel Town, Poinsettia (flash)

Holly-Day, Tinsel Town, Poinsettia (natural light)

Poinsettia, Tinsel Town, Holly-Day (flash) #2


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