Sephora by OPI Going Nude, Eh?

Oh my.

This is the story of the polish that got away. I was once in Sephora, going to town at the nail polish station. I painted a particular color on one of my fingers, and left the store without purchasing it. Later that day, I started to fall in love with the color. It was a lovely nude, sort of taupey, but light, and one of those jelly/cream businesses. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember the name. Going Nude, Eh? is my second attempt to find this Mystery Color, and once again, I have misfired.

I debated not even featuring this color, because it’s not available for purchase anymore. It was a limited edition shade, which I got during the F&F sale; it has since disappeared. But for continuity’s sake, and since God forbid Annie ever update this poor blog, I figured I’d do a post anyway.

Going Nude, Eh? is a weird, sort of camel nude. It was fairly unflattering on me when my hands had their pink moments. However, most of the time I have limited blood flow to my limbs, so my hands tend to take on a white, deathly cast. This was when the polish looked its best. This would probably be a lovely nude for pale, yellow-toned folks. On me, it was hit-or-miss; but it still fascinated me. It’s one of those creams with subtle shimmer, but I’m not sure the shimmer does this particular polish any favors.

I have to say, though, I wouldn’t outright recommend it because the quality is lacking. This took THREE COATS to be opaque (THE HORROR!), but the thing about two is that is was hella streaky. I was having Essie Marshmallow flashbacks.

Am I glad I own this? For the peace of mind that it is not my Mystery Polish, yes. That I got it for $4? THANK THE GODS, yes. But I hope to one day find my dreamy, taupey, semi-sheer nude. If it’s meant to be, it will find me.


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