China Glaze Skyscraper

China Glaze Skyscraper is a seriously awesome polish. Though it’s from the fall 2011 Metro collection, it would fit right in with their holiday line. This stuff makes me feel like I’m the freakin White Witch in Narnia. It is a gorgeous, ETHEREAL blue, and I was actually surprised when I saw it in person. Most pictures had led me to believe that it would be more sapphire toned. Really, I’d call it a silverized cornflower. I had to alter the colors in the above image to get it even close to the right color.

Photographing a polish like Skyscraper, which is basically like a blue jelly base with silver glitter suspended in it, ROBS the polish of its ethereal aspects and flattens its dimensions. So I included a blurry picture so you could get a slight idea of the magical powers of this baby.

Two coats turned out to be fine for opacity, but you can make them thick or thin and get different results. I did thicker coats on my thumb, as you can see above (along with some polish on my cuticle, for shame), and it’s a lot more dense. Though you can see the nail line in the other fingers, it’s really only because of the flash. To the naked eye, it’s not visible!

I tried layering Skyscraper over a sapphire to create the shade of blue that I’d originally expected. I did this on my ring finger; as you can see below, it actually comes out closer to the base color as it appears in the bottle–but I felt like it took away from the jelly aspect this thing has going on, and flattened it. It just kind of turned into silver glitter on top of sapphire, rather than the deep pool of magical winter it is by itself.

If you like blues, or winter, or shiny things, or the Chronicles of Narnia, you need to get this polish.


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