Inglot Eyeshadows 340 & 333

Annie recently went to New York City, and was able to hit up an Inglot store (beyotch got too tired to go to the MUFE store, curse her). After browsing swatches online, I requested that she purchase me two of their matte shadows–340 and 333. I have since received them, and we are to be married in the spring.

Here’s a shot of the freedom system duo next to a NARS eyeshadow palette, for size reference.

Inglot 340, Inglot 333

The packaging is incredibly sturdy and beautiful, however, Annie got a 10 pan and I found it to be sort of unwieldy, especially with the removable lid. I’m fine with the duo, but if I were to purchase more pans (they’re only $5 a pop so this is going to happen), I would probably put them in an empty palette from another brand.

For swatching, I compared them to two vaguely-similar, well-known MAC shadows.

L-R: MAC Deep Truth, Inglot 340, Inglot 333, MAC Humid

As you can see, 340 is more teal than Deep Truth. And 333 is slightly more yellow toned than Humid. And obviously, the Inglots are matte.

L-R: MAC Deep Truth, Inglot 340, Inglot 333, MAC Humid

I think these are pretty unique colors, and they apply like a DREAM. A DREAM. And they blend, oh God, they blend amazingly. They’re also incredibly true-to-pan, and when they blend out, they DON’T lose the integrity of their color. I find that when I blend shadows out, they tend to fade to black (if they’re a darker color) or just sort of a bleh. But these don’t do that! They have rocketed up into my favorite eyeshadows. It can be hard to find quality mattes, and these are as good as, if not better than MUFE’s. Seriously, I cannot emphasize enough how stellar these are. I’ve seen people rave about them for a while now, and it’s all truth. I have seen the light.

Inglot does have an online store where you can purchase them, and I’ve never ordered from it so I don’t know how that is, but I can guarantee you I’ll be doing it in the future because this stuff is crack and they only have a few stores around the US.

Do yourself a favor, and get some Inglot shadows!


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