OPI Road House Blues

Neptune was making it’s annual station in the sky last week, so I went for a blue polish (though Neptune is a totally different shade of blue, but whatever). That’s how this space cadet rolls.

Road House Blues, from OPI’s 2011 autumn/winter Touring America collection, is a dark blue cream. It’s a pretty unique shade, because it’s got this sliiiight dusky purple quality to it. I would not call it a blurple, but as you can see in the picture below, it’s got SOMETHING smokey in it.

Also, sorry these pictures suck. The contrast of a dark polish against my casper hands screws the lighting up. The picture above shows the polish in full sunlight. In regular lighting, though, it gets pretty dark–the picture below shows it against dark blue fabric. It’s a little bit darker, and I would say that sometimes it does cross into “almost black” territory.

I’m likin’ it a lot, but unlike McDonald’s, I’m not lovin’ it. I think I’d like to find a blue that’s a tiny bit lighter, or has jelly-like tendencies, to let light in (like Illamasqua Rampage, only dark blue–anybody got any recommendations?). But it just depends on what your cup of tea is–Road House Blues was opaque in two coats, and had a typical great formula. Though it didn’t dry with the usual high-shine of some of my OPI creams–I should have used a top coat!


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