China Glaze Midtown Magic

This week’s polish is Midtown Magic, one of my three purchases from China Glaze’s Fall 2011 Metro collection. Though, in my opinion, it could have easily been a part of their Halloween set as well (and thus why I have chosen to wear it the week preceding Hallloween). Look at this stunner.

Look at it again. Still pretty in low light.

I’ve taken a lot of pictures for this post so you can get an idea of how amazing Midtown Magic is. A lot of people think this is one of, if not the, star of the Metro Collection. It’s a burgundy base that turns black in two coats (the first coat is pretty fugly, really), and it’s got loads of subtle but gorgeous orange, gold, and red shimmer. The orange is the most glaringly obvious, but the red and gold are there and do their job adding dimension to polish.

I did get some tip wear after just two days, but it’s a dark polish and I didn’t wear a top coat (I rarely do). You can see the more subtle gold and red shimmer in the previous and next picture–I IMPLORE YOU to click on all these pictures to see it close up! The burgundy base is also showing itself.

This polish does need a source of light to work it’s magic. Sometimes, in duller light, you just get this:

But if you can’t tell, I LOVE THIS POLISH! It’s freaking amazing and gorgeous for anytime, but is especially nice in autumn, and for Halloween. I feel like this is the nail polish that a witch would wear–a really chic, fabulous witch, obviously.


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