Lorac Limited Edition Bejeweled Eye Shadow Palette Review, Part 2: Quartz

This is the second of three posts dedicated to Lorac’s Limited Edition Bejeweled Eye Shadow Palette Trio, which I purchased at Ulta for $34.99.  It consists of three separate quad palettes, each individually wrapped so you could buy the set and split it up amongst friends as gifts.  The second palette I’m reviewing is Quartz, which features four warm-toned neutrals.  It’s very subtle, very work-friendly, very generic.  The mirror-shiny case, and awesome gemstones on the front are fun, and there’s a huuuuuge mirror inside, with a very sturdy case that’s easy to open, even with a magnetic closure.

The shadows themselves are fairly nice; they’re moderately pigmented and go on nicely.  There isn’t much fallout, although the lightest shade is really sheer, and of the two neutral taupes, one is slightly shimmery (think Stila’s Kitten but not as awesome), and one is more matte-brown-leaning.  The chocolate brown is pretty pigmented, but went on a bit chalky.  There is subtle shimmer in the pan as well, but it didn’t translate very much to my eye. I’d recommend wearing over a primer, the swatches on my arm are over a primer, and they still look light, although I got much better performance on my actual eyelid.

I used this palette to create a look (using these four shadows ONLY, over Too Faced Shadow Insurance, with Stila Smudge Stick in Damsel and Clinque High Impact Mascara).  The lightest shade I used all over the lid and brow, the top right taupe on my lid, and the bottom left taupe and chocolate in the crease.  It all combines for a tame, boring, bland, hardly-visible look.  Given that my skin is roughly the shade of a member of The Simpson family, this didn’t show up well on me.  In fact, after wearing this look, I gave the damn thing away.  It just adds nothing to my face or makeup assortment.

Overall, I think this is a nice palette if you don’t have much of a makeup collection, or to split up as gifts for all the women in your life.  If you have a large makeup collection, I’d skip this though, because chances are, you have similar colors already, that probably perform a little better than these.  PART ONE REVIEW


4 thoughts on “Lorac Limited Edition Bejeweled Eye Shadow Palette Review, Part 2: Quartz

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  3. Great post, I had to link it! I just finally found my camera after a recent move and so excited to post better reviews with pics like this, love your eye close ups! I have a similar version of this by elf but I’d love to have this, looks great; very helpful tips for applying:)

    • Thanks for your sweet comment 🙂 🙂 Honestly tho, I would not waste your money on this. I am actually very sad that I wasted $35 on these. Besides the cute packaging, they are not special. I still haven’t posted my review of the third one because it was so boring that I can’t even stand to look at the pictures I took, hahahaha.

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