Project Ten Pan

Project Ten Pan, in case you’re living under a beauty rock, is basically the commitment to using up ten products, often while buying no new ones. You can, of course, bend the rules however you’d like. In my version, I’ve chosen ten things–but I’ll gladly continue to get my Sephora on (yeah I used it as a verb)–just not in these particular categories of products. At first I wasn’t sure if this personal project necessitated a blog post, but I thought it would be interesting to document just how long it actually takes to use stuff up (and it will motivate me!). Some of these items are new, and some of them are almost gone. Some have been almost gone for eons but seem to magically replenish themselves. Some I use daily, and others sparingly. Either way, when I “hit pan,” I’ll come back to this post and add the date finished next to each product. I’ll also link this post in the sidebar, since it’ll be an ongoing event.


1. ChapStick Ultra SPF 30 lip balm 12/26/11
2. Clinique Superbalm Tinted Lip Treatment in 04 Plum 4/15/12
3. Maui Amenities SPF 15 lip balm (it’s from my dentist’s office!) 3/10/12
4. Cover Girl liquid foundation (which I actually use as a concealer) 10/16/11
5/6. Maybelline Define-A-Brow (dark brown, medium brown–neither of which really work for me) 1/14/12, 4/22/12
7. Sephora Brush Shampoo 5/31/12
8. Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero 12/31/12
9. Wet n Wild coloricon mini eyeliner in Black Noir
10. Matrix Amplify root lifter

So, I solemnly swear not to buy any of the following…

  • lip balms, SPF or no
  • concealers
  • brow fillers
  • brush cleansers
  • black pencil eyeliners
  • hair volumizers

…until its counterpart has been used up!


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