Clinique Mascara Musings…

I absolutely love Clinique’s mascaras.  I think they makes some of the best ones out there, and maybe I just haven’t paid enough attention, but I don’t hear many gals talking these up.  This must change, now!

I was first introduced to these from a random sample I received.  It was Lash Doubling, which has has since proven itself to truly be my holy grail.  I found myself using it constantly because it was sooo completely and utterly no fuss.  It NEVER.  CLUMPED.  Ever.  Does it give massive amount of drama to your lashes?  No, but it adds just enough length and volume to polish off a look, with no unpleasant side effects.  It requires almost no effort to use, which made it a great day-to-day product.  It was just a good, solid mascara, and I’ve yet to find one that meets each of my needs so thoroughly.

I’ve currently been using their High Impact mascara, and I like it almost as much as Lash Doubling.  It adds a little more volume, and for that reason, requires a little more wiping of the brush and patience with application, but it doesn’t seem to clump either. (Clumping is like nails on a chalkboard to me, so I’m highly sensitive to this phenomena) Plus, the tube is gorgeous. 😉

I fully plan on trying each one of their 8 different formulas, and I’m especially excited to test out their Bottom Lash Mascara.  It boasts another adorable package, and a tiny brush designed specifically for messing with the always infuriating bottom lashes, plus a smear-resistant formula.  I’m also interested in trying the very popular Naturally Glossy – a supposedly clump-free and natural-looking choice.  On top of this, they’re reasonably priced.  They range from $10 – $14.50, which I find more than valid, given that the very popular L’Oreal Million Lashes is around $12.  I don’t know if the lack of exposure is due to them maybe being thought of as an “old-lady” brand, but if you’re in the market for a new mascara, I highly recommend trying one of them out.


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