REALLY!?! without Seth & Amy, but with X

Really, Suave? You came out with a new dry shampoo, and guess what? It was actually good! I really liked it. The whole two times I used it.

Your mineral clay formula seemed to have that extra something special in it that made my Severus Snape hair look clean and slightly voluminous. But you had to go and mess it up with packaging that causes the product to EVAPORATE! Really!? I didn’t even know product could evaporate out of an aerosol can! But apparently it’s possible, and my dumbass bought two bottles before I figured out what was happening. For a brand that knocks on about their low cost, it’s kind of ironic I ended up paying salon-prices per-use of this dry shampoo.

So really, Suave. Figure your shit out. Try to design packaging that isn’t self-defeating so that I can actually use your product. Really.

“Suave Professionals. Top stylists were surprised. You will be too.” WHEN YOU’VE SUDDENLY RUN OUT OF PRODUCT!

Price: a few dollars PER USE
Availability: ephemeral


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