Zoya Remove Plus Review

I’ve always had pretty nice nails, if I do say so myself. I also never really painted them. But when I started using nail polish regularly about a year ago, I noticed that my nail quality took a bit of a hit. I know this can be attributed to a number of factors, though I never really considered polish remover as one of them.

But then I started noticing that my nails looked their absolute worst directly after removing polish. They were so dry, they’d turn white, and they even started peeling (THE HORROR!).

For almost a year I’d been using a non-acetone remover I’d gotten from Sally’s. It’s about $2.00 for 8 oz. A couple months ago, Zoya had a promo where if you bought one thing, you could get two free nail polishes. I selected their remover, Remove Plus, as my purchase. I’d heard good things about it, but most importantly, the small bottle of it was the cheapest thing I could add to my cart.

Per ounce, though, this product isn’t cheap. My Sally’s remover was about $0.25/oz. By comparison, Remove Plus comes in at $2.30/oz for 2 oz., $1.25/oz for 8 oz, and $0.78/oz for the bulk size, 32 oz. Every time I purchase an expensive version of something, I hope that it will deliver excellent results. Sometimes I end up disappointed; thankfully, Remove Plus actually seems to make a difference. I don’t find the smell offensive at all (though there is a bit of a fragrance, but not the typical knockout one you get from most removers), it removes polish well, and most importantly, my nails look great after I remove the polish. No more looking like I dragged my hands along a chalkboard tray, and no more peeling! Like, it’s kind of shocking! Each time I expect them to look awful, but they don’t!

If you don’t paint your nails regularly, and you don’t have problems with your current remover, the splurge probably isn’t worth it. But if you do paint them often, and if you notice any dryness (or even if you have serious issues with the way most removers smell), Remove Plus is definitely something you should look into. You can even do this pretty easily by going with the non-committal 2 oz. bottle first, which was what I did, because I wasn’t sure if it’d be worth it. This is actually a great idea, because the bottle is a nice size to keep for travel, and the cap is screw top so it DOESN’T LEAK (like my remover from Sally’s did). I had a free shipping code for Zoya that expired at the end of this month, so I went ahead and ordered the 8 oz Big Flipper (yay for fun name!). It’s in one of those snazzy pump bottles, too, as Zoya demonstrates in this video.

Price: $4.60 for 2 oz, $9.99 for 8 oz, $25 for 32 oz
Availability: zoya.com


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