Hello, Hola, ‘Ello, Ahoy, Hey Sailor!


I’m Annie’s sister/partner in makeup crime, X. I function as a sort of on-call contributor over at Annie’s entertainment blog, in case they’re ever in dire need of a new post. It’s happened like, twice. But here on MakeupMental, I think I might actually have a slightly more regular role. I’ve often tossed around the idea of starting a beauty blog, but I could never quite make the commitment. I recently started posting about nail polish on my Tumblr, but it’s mixed in with loads of other insane posts about Harry Potter, actors I’m smitten with, and random moving things. It’s wonderfully commitment free, but it also lacks structure (and sanity). But with Annie as the main blogger here, I can just casually post whatever I want, whenever I want. I am the 40-year-old living in their parent’s basement, of the blogging world. But I came up with the blog’s name, so I’m already off to a worthy start. I’m not really sure what I’ll post about here (though I’m pretty sure there will be some combination of nail polish and my caustic wit), but that’s the beauty of it (lame pun totally intended).



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